Our mission is to make more compost in the greater Lansing area. Here is how you can help us do it.

Curbside Collection

It doesn't get easier to compost than curbside collection.

If you live in one of the neighborhoods below we will bring you a bucket, you fill it up with food scraps, and we will come pick it up and bring you a clean bucket for you to fill up again. We bring your compostable material to one of our facilities where we turn it into beautiful compost.

Curbside collection is priced based on how often we come to replace your bucket: $31/month for weekly service and $16/month for every other week service.

curbside service area map

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If you live outside our curbside service area, you can still compost with us. When you sign up, we tell you where to pick up a bucket and then when you fill up your bucket, you can drop if off at one of our facilities.

Dropoff service costs $18/month.

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Compost Recovery

Try composting at home but were not able to keep up with it? We will come to you and take your compost pile and free up precious space in your yard. The service starts at $50 which includes up to a yard of material. If you have more material or would like us to take the compost container (plastic, wood, etc.), we can evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

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